Does anyone else smell bacon?


That’s what I’m talking about.

I was reading a thread about annoying food fads on a favorite forum. Someone mentioned bacon, and it actually started an argument. I agreed with the person who was annoyed by bacon, and I think I know why she was annoyed, but when I finished crafting my oh so helpful explanatory post, I decided it would be better off here on my personal blog in order to avoid the TL;DR eyerolls, seeing as how they were already having an argument!

Ahem. I love bacon. Bacon is not annoying. It’s not annoying that people like bacon. It is annoying that bacon, like cupcakes, has become one of those things that people think they are special for liking, and they are bonding with other people over their love of bacon to the point that people are buying merchandise that says “Bacon!” on it. Everyone likes bacon; you are not cool for liking it. There is no need to put it on a tee-shirt, or to congratulate each other when you find out that the person you just met also likes bacon. Be into bacon, fine, me too, but do you have to be into being into bacon? If you saw the episode of Sarah Silverman’s show where the two guys started liking Tab, that’s how I feel about the love of bacon. It’s not a case of “stop liking what I like,” it’s a case of “shut up.” Oh, and the discussion around the “bacon is going to become scarce” hoax? Remember that? Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

The obsession with bacon, er, obsession is weird, and the only way I can rationalize it is that it’s possibly an alarming symptom of people’s misguided and desperate need to connect with other humans. Have any lasting friendships really been formed over the mutual enjoyment of fried strips of a pig’s tummy?

See also: zombies, pirates, ninjas, Nutella, Arrested Development, Doctor Who, “randomness” (whatever the hell that means), and chocolate. I know that only two of those things are foods, but all of them provoke the same reaction in people.

What food fads, or fad fads, are you annoyed by?


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