I am Lenzi: anxious, prone to depression, hater of bullshit, mom to one autistic boy. I tend to use a lot of hyperbole, because I am a drama queen. Now, mom blogs have to have a name that goes “something and something,” right? Something aspirational, inspirational. I aspire to build a better cheeseburger (and eat the hell out of it) and any writer will tell you that wine inspires. Except for the ones who can’t drink it anymore, because of that one time they woke up on the Brooklyn Bridge and realized they were not only driving a car but also were mysteriously smeared all over their body with grape jelly. My experience was with strawberry jelly, and I ain’t even been to New York, so we’re cool.

I decided to start a personal/mom blog because lately I’ve been even more anxious than usual, and my therapist keeps getting on my ass about being more sincere and also about the good it would do me to share my experiences parenting an autist. This is my first foray into mom blogging, and I’m not sure it counts as mom blogging because it’s not like I’m going to be telling you what you should do, it’s just that momming happens to be my job. All post titles are movie or song quotes because I hate writing titles.

Obviously, I welcome comments and feedback. You can email me at ghostlyelvis@gmail.com if you don’t want to comment publicly on the site.


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